Terms & Conditions

The Korral is a private membership club for couples and singles interested in the lifestyle with the intention of meeting others with similar interests in a social setting without any pressure or obligations.

Members must also have the right, authority, and capacity to enter into this agreement and to abide by all of its terms and conditions under their own free will. By becoming a member and or attending club events you are aware and understand the sexual nature of the club and will not be offended in any way by the activities that other members may be engaging in.

You must read the rules of the club and agree to abide by the following terms & conditions associated with attending club events at all times. Failure to comply with the rules outlined in this membership agreement will result in loss of membership.

  • RESERVATIONS ARE A MUST: You will be denied entry without a prior reservation. Entry to the club closes at 11pm. There will be No entry into the club after this. If you need to return to your car past 11pm, you must be escorted outside by Security or Management.
  • MEMBERSHIP: In order to keep our status as a private club, memberships are required for everyone. Membership dues are required to be renewed and paid on a yearly basis.Members must be at least 21 years of age, have a valid state-issued ID and be able to complete the membership application in full.
  • NEW MEMBERS: We ask that new members arrive prior to 9pm. If you cannot make it prior to 9pm, please let the main office know. You will check in at the main office and then receive the new member tour by one of our Host Couples. If any questions or concerns arise throughout the evening, please see a member of Management immediately. It is our job to make this the best experience possible. New single males MUST be sponsored by a current couple or single female and be accompanied by this member on their first visit.
  • NO MEANS NO: Members agree to refrain from engaging in 'pushy' behavior and will conduct themselves according to commonly accepted etiquette. It is acceptable to inquire if someone would like to engage in any sexual activity. It is unacceptable to engage in annoying, harassing, or persistent behavior. Therefore, members agree that if their advances are rejected, they will respect the other party's wishes for privacy and enjoyment. If someone says no, members will respect their wishes.
  • NO INAPPROPRIATE CONDUCT: Members will not engage in any inappropriate touching or non-consensual touching, nor will you behave in a manner that is disruptive to others' enjoyment. Loud, obnoxious, and inconsiderate behavior shall not be tolerated. Rowdy drunkenness, arguing, or any other activity that could tarnish the reputation of the club, will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to ask anyone to leave and/or revoke the membership of any person who becomes obnoxious or unruly. Should you act in an inappropriate manner as determined by management, then you will be asked to leave immediately, and your membership will be revoked. No refunds are given if you are asked to leave.
  • PERSONAL BELONGINGS: Personal belongings can be kept in lockers or remain in your locked vehicle. We are not responsible for contents left in lockers or left unattended in the club. Locks left on a locker at the end of a weekend will be cut off and items removed from the locker and placed into the Lost and Found.
  • CELL PHONES: Cellular phones are not permitted in the club, except in the two designated areas. You may use your phone in the "selfie" room or in the main office. You may NOT use your cell phone in the club, hot tubs, pool area, bathrooms, dining room, smoke room, or playrooms. If you need to make a call, check your texts, exchange numbers with someone, etc. you must step out into the "selfie" room or the office. If you are caught using your cell phone in an open area, you will be asked to put it away immediately. If you have no other offenses we will allow you to stay. If you argue or are caught using it again you will be asked to leave and your membership may be revoked.
  • NO PROSTITUTION: Prostitution is the giving or the receiving of the body for sexual activities for hire. Sexual activity involves the anus, oral, vaginal area and the penis/genitals. Therefore no one is permitted to ask, solicit or partake in the touching or any other type of contact with another person's penis/genitals, anus or vaginal area for compensation. Compensation does not require money to be exchanged but rather involves anything of value regardless of how trivial that value may be. Anyone who solicits prostitution engages in prostitution or appears to be involved in prostitution will be removed from the premises immediately and their membership revoked. Do not even joke about this subject in the club. Since solicitation of prostitution is simply a verbal act of one person communicating to another that they wish sexual activity to occur for hire, even joking about sexual activity for hire can be misconstrued to be soliciting prostitution. Therefore, any joking or fooling around about prostitution or acts that may constitute prostitution will result in your immediate removal and your membership revoked.
  • NO DRUGS: No marijuana or illegal drugs of any kind will be permitted on the premises, even if you have a medical reason to use them. Anyone in possession of illegal drugs will be banned from the club permanently and the police will be informed of your actions.
  • NO WEAPONS: No Guns or weapons of any kind are permitted on the premises.
  • ALCOHOL: We are a full service BYOB club. This means that alcohol is not sold on the premises. Should you desire to drink alcohol (beer, liquor or wine); you must bring your own with you. It should be in the original container, not in a water bottle, cup, etc. All alcohol MUST be checked in at the bar. If you are found keeping your alcohol in your locker or at your table, this is grounds for a permanent ban from the club. Members are not allowed to serve themselves, except for during certain daytime pool parties. If you have any alcohol left over at the end of the night, you must take it with you; we cannot hold it for you. All alcohol left will be disposed of at closing time. If you are staying overnight with us, you MAY NOT take your alcohol to your room at any time. No exceptions.
  • SMOKING OR VAPING: There is absolutely no smoking or vaping permitted anywhere inside of the facility except in the smoking room or outside in the designated areas.
  • SOLICITATION: No solicitation of any kind is allowed on the property.
  • RESPECT THE CLUB: Understanding that it is necessary to respect the club, as well as other members by showing good behavior, courtesy, personal hygiene, tidiness, safety and proper dress. Refusal to do so may result in entry refusal, sanction or expulsion at the absolute discretion of the club management.
  • WE RESERVE THE RIGHT: We reserve the right to refuse admission and membership to anyone without cause or explanation, as is the right of a private club. We also reserve the right to terminate your membership at any time without notice or prior warning. Membership also does not guarantee entry to any functions whatsoever. Breach of membership conditions is cause for membership to be revoked. Memberships are nonrefundable.
  • IDENTIFICATION: Members must be prepared to provide valid state issued identification documents each time they come to the club.
  • CLUB LIABILITY: We do not accept responsibility for accidents, injury or loss suffered while attending our club. By entering this property you agree that you are doing so at your own risk. You hereby waive any and all claims whatsoever that you may have or hereafter have against the owners, organizers, its directors, officers, agents and employees and release and forever discharge the owners and organizers from all claims, demands, damages, actions or cause of actions arising or to arise by reason of the use of this property and your attendance at this event. You agree that this waiver and release shall extend to the owners and organizers, its successors and assigns and is binding upon me and my heirs, executors, legal representatives, successors and assigns any other persons I have brought with me.
  • NON-TRANSFERABLE MEMBERSHIP: Your membership is for the personal use of individual members and is non-transferable. Anyone that is caught allowing another person to use his or her membership will have their membership revoked. Memberships may not be used in connection with any commercial endeavors, organizations, government bodies, media organizations or companies.
  • LIMITED SPACE: There are times when we may reach maximum capacity quickly. It is highly recommended that you register in advance. If the club is filled to capacity, you understand that regardless of the fact that you are a member, you will not be allowed to attend and said inability shall not be grounds for a refund of membership fees. If you register in advance, you will not be turned away at the door.
  • CONDOMS, PREGNANCY AND STD'S: Safe sex is strongly suggested. Please be aware that all activities are at your own risk.
  • OUTING OF A MEMBER: If you purposefully or inadvertently "out" a member of our community, you will be permanently banned from the club. Outing someone as a member of an risque and often misunderstood subculture can carry serious mainstream social consequences and this will not be tolerated.