Club Rules

  1. Reservations are a MUST. You cannot enter without prior reservations. The only way to make a reservation is to call 717-225-5082. You will need a confirmation number for Security at the front gate. Phone reservation and information hours are Monday through Thursday 4pm – 9pm and Friday and Saturday 10AM – 11pm.
  2. In order to keep our status as a Private Club, memberships are required for each guest or couple.  Membership dues are required to be renewed and paid yearly.   Formal identification will be required at time of check-in with membership card. Cash or credit card accepted.
  3. Single males must be sponsored by a current member and be accompanied by their sponsor on the first visit.
  4. Doors are open for existing members that have a reservation at 7 pm. NEW MEMBERS must arrive between 7 pm and 9 pm to process membership paperwork. A short membership application will need to be completed and rules and responsibilities of all members will be discussed at this time. To save time, you can download the form from the website and fill it out before you arrive. You will be provided a short tour of our facility by one of our Host Couples. Any questions or problems that may arise throughout your evening will be addressed by any Host Couple and will receive immediate attention. It is our job to make this your best club experience possible.
  5. There will be no entry into the club after 11pm. Please bring all personal items into the club with you upon your arrival. Lockers are available on a first come, first serve basis. If you need to return to your car for anything, you must be escorted by security.
  6. Dress code WILL be enforced when entering the club. It is fairly straight forward, but here it is:
    Dress to Impress!!
    NO hats, ball caps or head coverings
    NO cuts or colors
    NO slogan or logo T-shirts
    NO sweatpants/sweatshirts, trackpants/track suits or jackets
    NO basketball or athletic shorts
    NO uniforms
    Please make sure you are following these guidelines.
  7. There is no alcohol sold on premise so you will need to provide your own for the evening. The club uses a numbering system that will be unique to you for the evening and your alcohol will be labeled with this number. Please remember to pick your alcohol back up at the end of the evening or your stay as we do not have room to store it.
  8. We have bartenders on staff to serve your alcohol to you during the evening, but they have the right to deny serving to anyone that is too intoxicated at any time even though it is your alcohol. No alcohol will be served after 2:00 am, even if you are in our overnight accommodations.
  9. Controlled substances, firearms and prostitution are strictly forbidden anywhere on our premises. Violators will be removed from the premises immediately and banned from the club. There are no exceptions to this rule.
  10. Cameras (including cell phone cameras) and video cameras are not allowed in the club for our membership's privacy.
  11. We, as do all other clubs, have a NO CELL PHONE rule. If you must make or receive a call, please take it to the orientation room.  It is a matter of discretion and respect of others. Cell phones have cameras and unscrupulous people might try to take photos that could end up anywhere. You may not care if your photo or video is on the Internet, but others do. Folks have families, jobs, morality clauses and the like to be concerned with. For the safety of all, USE OF CELL PHONES IS PROHIBITED except in the orientation room.
    (A note from management: "So, when you are on your phone IT IS DISRESPECTFUL of others. Debating about it will not help. Lines like: "I'm on call", "Just checking on the kids", "You know me", WHATEVER, just won't fly. Please take it to the orientation room. Repeated issues in a night and you will be asked to leave. We need to protect our members. Any questions please reach out to management.")
  12. There are both indoor and outdoor designated Smoking Areas. Use of vaporizer pens or smoking will only be allowed in these areas. The private rooms are all Non Smoking rooms. Anyone violating this will be asked to leave and the evening’s admission will not be refunded.
  13. Violent, aggressive or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated in our club. This includes opening or knocking on closed doors. Once reported and investigated, you will be removed and possibly banned from the club. There will be no exceptions to this rule.
  14. No solicitation or vending without proper approval from Management will be allowed.
  15. No drinks on the dance floor. This is to prevent spills and slips.
  16. No glass around or in the pool or hot tub areas.

Other Notices and Reminders

  1. Be watchful of where you respond and how you respond to posts including Facebook. Not everyone has a separate lifestyle profile so be discrete.
  2. Any pushy or aggressive behavior will have you removed from the group.
  3. If you have party or theme ideas, don't be shy, just send them to
  4. Advertising is not permitted in the Facebook group unless you are the featured vendor of the week. Interested in vending, please reach out to
  5. Events are posted here under events. They are also listed on and
  6. Negativity is not tolerated, so please be mindful. This is a crazy close knit group of folks, so drama should be dealt with elsewhere.
  7. We are typically planning parties 6 months in advance. If you have any suggestions or party ideas, please feel free to email
  8. If you want to be added to our Facebook group you must be added by an existing member. Members, be sure that anyone you add is in the lifestyle and that you have actually met them in person.