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People Before Kink

August 18 @ 7:00 PM August 22 @ 2:00 PM

People Before is a 5-day hands on Kink retreat. Unlike other Kink events, this is a catalyst for personal transformation. We are all at different points on our kink journey. Newcomers, veterans, couples, spiritual seekers, swingers and professional Dom/Dommes. This weekend was created to meet you where you are. Our interactions with others give our lives meaning. The sense of well-being we get from truly connecting with another is proof of that. But while we yearn for deeper connections, we don’t know how to create them. This is most painfully evident in kink settings, where we are often our most vulnerable, and yet our interactions end up being superficial and transactional.
**PBK** – A Weekend Intensive is designed to:
Immerse you in the philosophy of People Before Kink, which allows you to find and express your true self, and create space for others to do the same. Expose you to a multitude of concepts, kinks, perspectives and practices geared towards furthering your kink journey. Allow you to hone skills that will bring all your connections to their full potential. Put you on the path that will add meaning and direction to your kink journey, as well as all areas of your life. Allow you to put into action what you are learning, in a supportive environment of classes, workshops and evening events. Under the careful watch of a team of facilitators, this is a framework for making and maintaining deep, meaningful connections, through the multi-faceted lens of the BDSM lifestyle. What you will learn about works with people you are just meeting as well as the relationships you already have.

The Korral

5932 Colonial Valley Rd
Spring Grove, PA 17362 United States
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