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People Before Kink Workshop

February 18 @ 5:30 PM February 21 @ 1:00 PM

People Before Kink is a 3-day BDSM retreat presented to you by The Kink Collective in conjunction with The Korral.
Like other retreats of its kind, it offers participants a hands-on introduction to kink, along with opportunities to unwind and mingle. UNLIKE most BDSM retreats, it’s a catalyst for personal transformation.
What distinguishes People Before Kink is its purpose. It’s meant to change your life — nothing less. Connecting with like-minded people, learning about alternative sexualities, exploring deep-seeded desires, playing, honing skills, opening up: those processes are just prerequisites. The experience they set the stage for is you. You as you can be, once the barriers limiting you are removed. You as you can be, once wariness and shame are resolved — even temporarily — by understanding and affirmation. You as you are, when feeling safe and free wakes you to your life’s possibilities. This instance of yourself will resonate in you for months and years to come, guiding you towards the life you want to be living.
People Before Kink is not a “kink vacation”. It’s spiritual intensive, crafted for a select group. If you are looking for a luxury sex party, other retreats may suit you better. But If you are truly serious about personal growth, come. This is where you are meant to be.

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