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Couple Fri and Sat $140.00

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Single Male Fri only $60.00

Single Male Fri and Sat $140.00

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Swinger’s Ed with SOS

Friday, December 9

7:00 PM - 2:00 AM

A Friday night full of more fun and education. Want to know how to approach that cutie you see across the room? What is a “Queen of Spades” (and other terms you’ve not heard of).
How does one navigate a room of people comfortably without looking creepy? How do I carry on an engaging conversation? What happens when ? Learn from the many years of experience of our admins and spend some relaxed time discussing the lifestyle with your fellow members. Tips and Tricks provided, and the admins are open for mentoring and conversations this evening!
Korral Party Info:
If you know SOS, you know our Korral parties are a not-miss! Don’t delay on getting your reservation in – this party may fill up quickly! You’ve heard the talk about how wonderful & sexy the SOS members are – join us for a night and see for yourself! These people bring the party!!!
Membership is required to attend. For SOS members, your annual membership is FREE if you haven’t been to the club yet. (A great savings – Annual membership fee is normally: single female $30, couples and single gentlemen $50, Thruple $70.) If your membership is expiring within 30 days of our party, you can get your renewal for FREE!!The FRIDAY evening party fee for a current Korral member is usually $60 for couples and single males, $20 single gals. If you are a current Korral member and don’t need to renew, the party fee is discounted!! (sorry single ladies.. we can’t discount yours any further). Single men and couples receive $10 off with their current membership to the club.
NOTE: New and renewing members pay the normal evening party fee.
Korral parties are always BYOB with a hot dinner provided. Reservations are required for every party, 717-225-5082 to reserve.. When you call, you must tell them that you are there with SOS to get the discount. *** no exceptions on this *** You must tell them when you make your reservation
Contact the club if you need more info on staying the night – private stay and after-party accommodations are available!
Let’s party!!

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