Happening This Week:

The energy in the club this weekend was off the hook!!!!
It started with Karaoke on Thursday, Wikked Karaoke Dance Party on Friday, then SOS brought down the house Saturday night!!!!
It was a great weekend and I had so much fun with you all. I told Justin that this is just the start to the amazing summer we are about to embark upon.

I’ll probably say this every week for a while, but it is true, this weekend is going to be amazing!!

We kick off the weekend Friday night with our monthly Kink Night. Tonight Master Justin will be doing a needle demo followed by tastings for those who have an interest in trying needle play. Also there is a possibility that he will be offering energy pulls.

Saturday is a busy, busy day.

We have Photography Days from 10-5 and then comes the big night!!
DILF FINALS!!!! We have 8 sexy men competing for the title. You won’t want to miss this. It takes great courage to do this so please come out and support the men!! You may even get lucky enough to be picked to be a judge!
Who will be crowned Mr. Korral 2022?????
We will find out on Saturday night!
What better theme to go along with tonight….Gods and Goddesses. Lots of sexy in the club tonight!
We round out the weekend with our Munch and Learn on Sunday from 10-1. The topic is Needle Play and it will be taught by Master Justin. No reservation number is needed for the munch and learn. You can comment under the event if you are coming. Cost is $5 per person and bring a dish to share.
There is also a possibility that we MAY open the pool this weekend as it is supposed to be in the 80's on Friday and Saturday. I will keep you up to date as the weekend gets closer!!
Call the office for your reservations at 717-225-5082


Information for newbies and reminders for others.
  • Be sure to read and understand the rules (Rules 10 & 11) regarding photography and cell phone use at the club.
  • We are currently welcoming new members, both couples and singles. However, single males must be sponsored by a current member.
  • Events are posted here under Events. You can also visit our Facebook page where the current week's events are under announcements.
  • We have separate Facebook pages for Korral Kinks and Korral Singles. Singles is just for singles, not couples that play separately. If you would like to be added please contact a group admin through our Facebook group.
  • We are always open to new vendors or party theme ideas. Contact




We are seeing more and more people that are not following the dress code.
The dress code is listed here (rule 6).
Either dress for the theme or dress to impress - no exceptions.
In the past we would make people aware of the dress code and let it slide, this will no longer be the case.
If you don't follow the dress code you will not be allowed entry into the club. Keep it Classy Korral!

If you have questions contact


  1. Events are posted here under Events and on our Facebook Group.
  2. We are always interested in new vendors. Just reach out to discuss vending at the Korral.
  3. Groups interested in booking events please reach out for details and available dates.
  4. Have a great party or theme idea, let a staff member know. It may not happen right away, but if it will appeal to the majority we will incorporate it.
  5. Advertising is not permitted in the group unless you are the featured vendor of the week. Interested in vending, please reach out.
  6. Negativity is not tolerated, so please be mindful. This is a crazy close knit group of folks, so drama should be dealt with elsewhere.
  7. Be watchful of where you respond and how you respond to posts. Not everyone has a separate lifestyle profile.
  8. Any pushy or aggressive behavior will have you removed from the group. If there is an issue at the club, please notify a staff member immediately. We cannot track someone down the following week by what they wore and without a name. The staff handles any issue quickly and quietly.

As always, thank you all for your support. We couldn't do this without you.

A Note on Single Guys.

Yes, we do limit single gentlemen. This is not because we don't like them. We want everyone to have the same opportunity to have a good time. Couples and single ladies don't wish to be overwhelmed with singles. But the single guys also should have the opportunity to have fun.  New single guys must be sponsored by a current member and accompanied by that member on their first night.  May the odds be always in your favor.