Happening This Week:

Lot's of exciting events this weekend, so get all those reservations in.  I will be running behind the bar with an assist from Sam on Saturday.

Wednesday is our first mid week pool party of the season, 7 pm - 11 pm. No food is served tonight, but feel free to bring your own along. Soda and juice set ups provided. Some of the playrooms are available. Bring your towel and hang poolside for the evening. Couples and single males $20, single ladies $5. BRING YOUR TOWEL.

Friday is our monthly Meet n Greet, 7 pm - 2 am. Tonight will be an even deeper discount because of the HUGE response to face Friday. New members get in for the discounted membership fee: couples and single males $35, single ladies $10. Current members SPECIAL DISCOUNT: couples and single males $30, single ladies $1. YOU MUST SAY FACEBOOK WHEN BOOKING FOR THE SPECIALS. Greg will keep you moving on the dance floor. Bring out new friends to enjoy an evening with like minded folks.

Saturday daytime pool party, 11 am - 5 pm. Bring your TOWEL and SUNBLOCK. We provide the lovely saltwater pool, large deck, plenty of lounge chairs, covered and open areas, music, soda and juice set ups and playrooms.

Saturday pre-game podcast with our friends from NonVanillaTryst, 5:30 - 6:55. We are bringing the K101 crew out of the studio and onto our stage. Everyone is welcome to this event, no charge. No one will be on camera. Lifestyle topics to be discussed. If you are coming just for the podcast, you must leave the building at 6:55. If you are staying for the party, you can pay upon arrival and just hang out.

Saturday night is the Playa's Ball, 7 pm - 2 am. (AKA Pimp and Ho Ball) Come out to strut your stuff.  Obviously there will be a costume contest. Platforms encouraged, just make it FUN. VeeJay's Hotspot will be your be your featured vendor. Donell will be your master of ceremonies.

Sunday is relax, rest and recover poolside. 11 am - 5 pm. Same as Saturday, just a different vibe.  New focus, BRING YOUR TOWEL.

Please call 717-225-5082 for your confirmation number.
Pick your event or DO IT ALL!

Whatever you do, be safe out there.



We are seeing more and more people that are not following the dress code. The dress code is listed here (rule 5). Either dress for the theme or dress to impress no exceptions. In the past we would make people aware of the dress code and let it slide, this will no longer be the case. If you don't follow the dress code you will not be allowed entry into the club. Keep it Classy Korral! If you have questions please PM me directly.

Information for newbies and reminders for others.
  • Photo rules are under files on the Facebook page.
  • Events are posted here under Events and the descriptions are under Event Descriptions. You can also visit our Facebook page where the current week's events are under announcements.
  • We have separate Facebook pages for Korral Kinks and Korral Singles. Singles is just for singles, not couples that play separately. If you would like to be added please friend request and private message Dee on Facebook.
  • We are always open to new vendors or party theme ideas. Please message Dee for details.




  1. Events are posted here under Events. They are also listed on ,, and
  2. We are always interested in new vendors. Just reach out to discuss available dates and details.
  3. Groups interested in booking events please reach out for details and available dates.
  4. Have a great party or theme idea, let a staff member know. It may not happen right away, but if it will appeal to the majority we will incorporate it.
  5. Advertising is not permitted in the group unless you are the featured vendor of the week. Interested in vending, please reach out to me.
  6. Negativity is not tolerated, so please be mindful. This is a crazy close knit group of folks, so drama should be dealt with elsewhere.
  7. If you have a group interested in sponsoring a room, please reach out to me. The design would have to be approved by management, room picked and timing to be worked out.
  8. Be watchful of where you respond and how you respond to posts. Not everyone has a separate lifestyle profile.
  9. Any pushy or aggressive behavior will have you removed from the group. If there is an issue at the club, please notify a staff member immediately. We cannot track someone down the following week by what they wore and without a name. The staff handles any issue quickly and quietly.

As always, thank you all for your support. We couldn't do this without you.

A Note on Single Guys.

Yes, we do limit single gentlemen. This is not because we don't like them. We want everyone to have the same opportunity to have a good time. Couples and single ladies don't wish to be overwhelmed with singles. But the single guys also should have the opportunity to have fun. May the odds be always in your favor.