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Don't forget, when you come to visit The Korral during October, you need to use the lower gate. Also, turn on your flashers to let the parking attendants know that you are coming to the club and not the haunt. 
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The Latest News

Start hydrating now, get out the red bull and 5 hour energy shots. It's gonna be a wild weekend! All kinds a crazy happening.

Friday - Singles night!!! Releasing the unicorns. Singles looking for singles or couples looking for a single. Come on out, this is the night for you all. Donell will have you all rocking the night away. I will be behind the bar looking to be entertained.

Saturday - Spooky Speakeasy with our friends from Klymaxx. These folks know how to party so be prepared for a KRAZY night. Kevin will be rocking the tunes. Lori and I will be bumping it behind the bar. Beverly will have Cupids Closet with all kinds of sexiness. Sabrina will be doing readings by appointment only.

Don't wait to make your plans. Call 717-225-5082 or pm Sabrina for your confirmation number. Whatever you do, be safe.

SPECIAL for Kim's sexy people!!!!!! On Friday nights for the next 3 weeks: If you go to the haunt and do the combo package, bring your ticket stub in and get your Friday party for $20, single ladies $5. (not combined with other offers) Get scared then come and be sexy!!!

Please call 717-225-5082 or pm Sabrina for your confirmation number. Reminder folks, you can book ahead of time for events, especially if you are looking for stay over.

Private stay rooms are limited!!!! If that is what you wish, please call ASAP!


1. Y
ou do need a confirmation number to attend any event. This allows for proper staffing and food prep.

2. We are always open to suggestions for events, themes and games. Please send me a pm so we can add to the list. If may not happen today, but if we can make it work we will. But remember, it must appeal to the majority.

3. We welcome new vendors all the time. If you are interested please reach out to me to discuss scheduling.

4. Groups are what has helped us to grow. Any size group is welcome. For details and available dates, private message me.

The club is only a success if the members are happy, within reason of course. Have a great week all!


January 28- February 4, 2017

Click Here for Details of the MILF Contest to Represent the Korral 2017

Rates for the 2017 trip!

Folks that are interested in going on the Hedo trip do not have to wait to come to the club. You can print the information sheet and send it directly to Paul at Connection Travel.

Why Do You Need to Make Reservations?

Several folks ask why they have to make reservations. First, we like to know who is coming to the gate and answer any questions newbies have before they get there. (Take care of any misconceptions beforehand ) Second, we have to make sure there is enough staffing to accommodate the activity. Lastly, we keep our ratios at a comfortable level.

This has been something the clubs have always done. We will not be changing what works. But feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Moral of the story, it's not real without your reservations. Call 717-225-5082 or private message Sabrina or me.


New Products!

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Other News!

Interested in joining us on the HEDO trip to support the MILF contestants? See the flyer here or flyers posted all over the club. Large group from the Korral will be there this year. But remember there are other groups traveling to support the ladies. Mix and mingle in the sunshine!

Let's keep it positive folks!

Welcome to The Korral, an on premise lifestyle club in beautiful south-central Pennsylvania. Come and meet some of the friendliest people around.
We have a large dance floor with professional dance lighting and sound system. Our quality D.J.s will accommodate all tastes while keeping the Korral rocking! In addition, there is a stage and dance pole for anyone wishing to show off their skills.
Dance Floor
The bar area kicks the party into high gear. The Korral is a BYOB facility, but there are the usual mixers needed for our friendly bartenders to serve you.
 Blue Pool Table
Want to spend some time getting to know each other off the dance floor? There are two pool table areas and several quieter areas to enjoy conversation.
R&R Room
Ready for a play room? We have 19 sexy play rooms that accommodate all tastes, from mild to wild, two-somes to more-somes.
Ladies, feel free to dress as seductively as you like, and gentlemen, remember—dress to impress. Our dress code is business casual for the men, please, no logo T-shirts, cut off sleeves, etc.
Red Pool Table
A smoking area is provided for your convenience. The remainder of the club is smoke and "vape" free.
Everyone is welcome.  However, the number of single male admissions on any night will be based on the number of couples that have made reservations.
Parties are on Friday and Saturday nights. The doors open 7 PM and the party goes until 2 AM. Call for reservations Monday through Thursday 4 PM-9 PM and Friday and Saturday 2 PM-10 PM.
Pool Parties! Get a perfect tan!
Weather permitting, enjoy lounging at our heated, generously sized pool. Pool parties are from 11:00AM to 5:00PM. Parties are planned for Saturdays, and Sundays. Get  that perfect tan with some of the friendliest people around. Call for weekend packages!
For any groups looking for a place to meet, contact us, we would love to host your group! Call 717-225-5082.

Call now to make your reservation!
Phone: 1-717-225-5082

Remember, you MUST CALL for reservations and
it's not real without a confirmation number!
Please phone, 717-225-5082. Monday - Thursday 4-9, Friday 4-10, Saturday 2-10 for reservations When making your reservations ask about weekend packages!

Friday, October 21, 2016
Theme: Singles, Singles
7:00pm Place: The Korral, Spring Grove, PA

Saturday,  October 22, 2016

Bloodlust 5
7:00pm Place: The Korral, Spring Grove, PA

Friday, October 28, 2016
Theme: Newbie Night
7:00pm Place: The Korral, Spring Grove, PA

Saturday,  October 29, 2016
7:00pm Place: The Korral, Spring Grove, PA

Friday,  November 4, 2016
Theme: Birthday Club and Dance party
Time: 7:00pm Place: The Korral, Spring Grove, PA

November 5, 2016
Theme: Homecoming Dance
7:00pm Place: The Korral, Spring Grove, PA

Friday,  November 4, 2016
Theme: Birthday Club and Dance party
Time: 7:00pm Place: The Korral, Spring Grove, PA

Saturday,  November 12, 2016

Theme: Bachelor and Bachelorette Party
7:00pm Place: The Korral, Spring Grove, PA

  A Note on Single Guys.

Yes, we do limit single gentlemen. This is not because we don't like them. We want everyone to have the same opportunity to have a good time. Couples and single ladies don't wish to be overwhelmed with singles. But the single guys also should have the opportunity to have fun. May the odds be always in your favor.


Any questions or suggestions please contact us at

Is this your first time at The Korral?
Download, print, and fill-out the two page membership form and save some time at the door.

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